The new era is here! A little notice about edits until October 5.

As I’m sure you all know, we are definitely now in the throws of the Trench era. With the album dropping October 5, we anticipate many edits will be made adding the new information that we receive that week/on the day. Personally, I will be endeavouring to add all the personnel data to the pages as soon as I receive my physical copy (although by the sounds of it Tyler and Josh are pretty much sole contributors).

In light of all of this, please make sure you do NOT add information that is not verified or substatiated by a reliable source such as Twenty One Pilots’ website, Fueled by Ramen or an official interview or article. Rumours about leaks and track lengths until October 5 will not be accepted until the track in question is officially released.

Yesterday someone who interviewed the band released details about track lengths. Whilst we have no reason to doubt their accuracy, Tyler and Josh clearly do not want this information out there yet so please respect their wishes.

Thank you all for contributing to this wiki and helping make sure all the information we have is up to date, reliable and accurate.

See you in Trench ||-//