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On June 12, 2020, a livestream was started that showed cryptic images and videos to hint at hidden codes that could be applied on the website to find USB folders to download with images and videos on them. Each USB also contained an audio message featuring the voice heard, Nigel, in the livestreams saying which level you were on.

Phone number

The phone number (877)-585-2676 calls Nigel and he states the following message,

Hello, if you are receiving this message, you are most likely are currently experiencing Levels of Concern. We thank you for your participation and interest. We have hidden codes all around the internet for you to unlock new levels. Each level contain elements that could possess a clue to proceed to the next level. That is, only if you are savvy enough. We guarantee that this game is certainly madness, happiness, paranoia and fun. Good luck. That concludes our session. Thank you, have a pleasant day. *a few seconds later, whispered,* it's hidden in the static...


Level Code Where code was found
1 LOC-491-555-09JKL After calling the phone number, at the end of the call, Nigel whispers "hidden in the static." With this, the code could be found in the static on the television screen shown within the first hour of the livestream.
2 LOC-896-159-07TLO An account on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter called lvl_cnrn posted parts of this code on each socialmedia page.

Reddit: -159 159 159-

Instagram: -07TLO 07TLO 07TLO-

Twitter: -896 896-

This code was also shown later in the livestream.

3 LOC-333-998-62JK! Nobody knows how this code was found, but it was first seen in the livechat of the Youtube livestream and posted on Twitter by an account called mylttlqrntn (This account is most likely not created by Twenty One Pilots like lvl_cnrn was). The code may have been brute forced.
4 LOC-914-639-00WR7 This code was found in a livestream on Twitch by lvl_cnrn, but it's most likely not the offical lvl_cnrn. There was a TV in it, but it looked completely different to the one on the official livesteam. The TV flashed up a code which people caught and put in the livestream chat. A Twitter account called brng_my also posted the code around this time. This code actually showed up in the offical livestream a bit later.
5 LOC-099-564-17GWX This code is scattered into three parts in the "zoom.jpg" file in USB4, which depicts a rabbit. You can find them by zooming in on certain spots very closely.
6 LOC-888-481-90TO? A QR code from USB5 titled underneaththesurface.jpg lead to the "Level of Concern" music video. At 1:19 (The part where the lyrics say "in my bunker underneath the surface") the English captions stated the code.
7 LOC-674-133-11JCS In USB6, there was a crossword puzzle titled "16 Words". All the characters that aren't used in a word make up the code. The words in the crossword puzzle were all Twenty One Pilots songs.
8 LOC-369-197-33J!! This code came from “heterogram.mp4” in USB7. The video contains this text: BAD-OLE-MIX-YURTS CL6-3!9-O31-!379J This is the code but scrambled up. “bad ole mix yurts” is an anagram of the word "ambidextrously". If you swap the letters around (‘b’ in position 1 goes to position 3, so ‘c’ is the 3rd character, etc.) you get the code.
9 LOC-245-511-90VXZ This code came from video.mp4 in USB8. This text "< ;PV=356=622=0-BCX" showed up. Take a look at your keyboard and move one letter left, this is how you get the code (; goes to L, P goes to O, etc.).
10 LOC-415-186-04LQL This code came from shortwaves.mp4 in USB9, which contains the Morse code ".-.. — -.-. -….- / -….- ….- .—- ….. -….- / -….- .—- —.. -…. -….- / -….- —– ….- .-.. –.- .-..", which directly translates to the code.
11 LOC-913-883-74ZNB This code came from a video called words.mp4 in USB10. It flashed strings of letters and numbers: "S0572 LB641 FL133-TP34 TP93 TP11-PC24 PC21 TP11- L25 TP12 JB974 0TS476 TH481". The letters all stand for the name of a song (for example, LB is Lane Boy and TH is The Hype). The numbers next to each letters correlated to a line, a word, and a character in the song (for example, LB641 is Lane Boy, line 6, word 4, character one. This equals the letter O). Putting all of the characters from the songs in order, you get the code.
12 LOC-854-819-52?BI This code was found in a video called "Hellschreiber" in USB11. Hellschrieber is the name of an old system of code in which words get translated to beeps, clicks and static. Translating the noise in the video gives you this code.
13 LOC-TW1-HYP-31!?R A website called was found in clue.jpg within USB12. Go to the website and it asks you for a password. The password is "lvlcnrn". (After this the website asks you for your name, but it doesn't matter what you put.) The website then says:

"Let's see how well you were paying attention. I am looking for KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2, and KEYWORD3. KEYWORD 1 is what H becomes before it emerges as O. KEYWORD 2 is the longest diagonal. Keyword 3 will be posted by password. When you have all three, come back here and enter them in order, separated by spaces. Good luck."

KEYWORD 1: There is an image titled "H" which is of a caterpillar, and an image titled "O" which is of a butterfly. Caterpillars become chrysalis before they emerge as butterflies, so KEYWORD 1 is "chrysalis".

KEYWORD 2: In USB6, there is a word search titled "16 Words". The longest diagonal word in the puzzle is Blurryface, so KEYWORD 2 is "Blurryface".

KEYWORD 3: There is an account on Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram called "lvl_cnrn", which is also the password for this website (without the underscore). They posted the two letters at a time, and it became the word "indoctrination", so KEYWORD 3 is "indoctrination".

Once you put in all of these keywords, the website says "KEYWORDS successfully recorded. LOC-TW1-HYP-31!?R".

14 LOC-118-397-90VPI This code was found in USB13 in an image named "eye.jpg". If you open this up in a text editor, it shows a number of locations around the world, as well as numbers/coordinates (For example: 529R+7W Tuscon, Arizona). If you put that into Google Maps (or any map website) each one takes you to a building shaped like a number or letter (For example, 529R+7W Tuscon, Arizona showed a building shaped like an L). Putting all of these characters into order gave you this code.

Fun fact: This code was actually brute forced before Code 13. When trying to download it before finding Code 13, it would take you to this link, a GIF of Conan O'Brien with the caption "I don't think so!"

15 LOC-482-156-33!SU This code came from a file called numbersstation.mp3 in USB14. It has a woman speaking digits individually: "76 79 67 45 52 56 50 45 49 53 54 45 51 51 33 83 85". If you plug this into a decimal to ASCII converter, you get Code 15.
16 LOC-522-325-61JAD In USB15, there were multiple files with flower videos in them, and each video has word in it that contains Roman Numeral (For example the word "poverty" has "V" in it, and that equals 5 in Roman Numerals). You can put the flower videos in order by their bloom height, then translate the Roman Numerals from their words to normal characters, you this code.

(The idea that Roman Numerals had to be used came from a sound file titled "levelX.mp3", which has a caption that says "RG4H+Q4". This leads you to Rome on a map.)

17 LOC-960-335-49CSY This code came from using a waveform analyzer on programsect.mp3 from USB16. Once you translated it, it showed symbols from the Twenty One Pilots alphabet. The symbols directly translate to the code.
18 LOC-363-905-64NLA This code came from a file in USB17 called "nodashes.jpg". In it, there is an intricate grid with symbols in the Twenty One Pilots alphabet that translate to numbers and letters. The amount of symbols in each square of the grid is how many spaces you can move from that square. You have to start in the first square and end in the last square, and by trying multiple combinations of getting there, the symbols in each square translate to a character that can be used in the code.
19 LOC-907-696-51SCP In USB18, there is an image called "music.jpg." In this image, it shows a sheet of music with symbols in the Twenty One Pilots alphabet at the top. The symbols translate to the words "Hip Alfresco". Hip Alfresco is an anagram for the words "Solfa Cipher", which is a translator that translates music notes into numbers and letters. The music notes translate into the directly into the code (But the numbers and dashes are in word form).
20 LOC-498-508-11OO2 In USB19, there is a photo called "readme.jpg". In the image, it shows letters of the Twenty One Pilots alphabet that translates to "Go To The Source". If you pull up the source code from (the website where you input the codes). Going there gives you four lines of random characters.

Line 1 (\u004b\u0045\u0059\u0057\u004f\u0052\u0044 \u0031\u003a \u0053\u0048\u0045\u0044 \u0046\u0041\u004c\u004c \u004d\u0041\u0052\u004b \u0054\u0049\u0047\u0048\u0054) can be decoded in a Hex Decoder, giving you the message "KEYWORD 1: SHED FALL MARK TIGHT".

Line 2 (4b 45 59 57 4f 52 44 20 32 3a 20 53 48 4f 43 4b 20 54 41 53 54 45 20 53 48 41 56 45 20 4d 41 54 48) can be decoded with a Hex to ASCII Converter, giving you the message "KEYWORD 2: SHOCK TASTE SHAVE MATH".

Line 3 (XRLJBEQ 3: CBJRE JNFU FGBEZ PUVYQ) can be decoded by going 13 letters back in the alphabet for each letter (For example, Z would become M). The message it gives you is "KEYWORD 3: POWER WASH STORM CHILD".

Line 4 (KO4IW¡LOEWR¡:SD¡ALBL¡ROYD¡ELAPF) can be decoded by using a Railfence Cipher Translator, giving you the message "KEYWORD 4: SIDE WALL BALL PROOF".

In each group of words, you can add just one word to the beginning of them to change the meaning (For example, SHOCK TASTE SHAVE MATH can become AFTERSHOCK AFTERTASTE AFTERSHAVE AFTERMATH). The four words you get, one from each group, are WATER AFTER BRAIN FIRE. These are the keywords. If you put them into the website from USB13, which was, you get a long string of Binary Code. It translates to "9 4x2 2 8 0 0 9x3 6x3 8x2 0 0 7x4 3x2 3x2 5x2 0 0 9 4x3 5x3 5x3 0 0 2x2 3x2 0 0 3x3 6x3 8x2 6x2 3 0 0 8x2 6x2 3 3x2 7x3 6x2 3x2 2 8 4x2 8 4x2 3x2 7x4 8x2 7x3 3x3 2 2x3 3x2 3x3 4x3 6x2 2 5x3 3x2 5 7 4". Using the keyboard from an old phone, these numbers translate to the message "what you seek will be found underneaththesurfacefinalejpg". (Disclaimer: This is not the file from USB5 titled underneaththesurface.jpg.) By looking up, you get an image of the Twenty One Pilots logo (ll-//) but with symbols from the Twenty One Pilots alphabet at the end that translate to numbers 1 though 14. There is a grid behind the logo which is 19 squares tall and 14 squares wide, 19 being the amount of codes we've found, and 14 being the amount of characters in each code. The numbers on the grid that line up with the Twenty One Pilots logo give you Code 20.

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