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No Phun Intended is an album by Tyler Joseph. The album was available on his PureVolume account until 2015. The album was recorded in Joseph's senior year of high school, from 2007–2008, in his basement. The album was mainly a solo project, with some accompaniment by friends such as Nick Thomas.


The album was never formally released, and was instead handed out on CD to Tyler's friends and family, as well as those who attended some performances in the early years of Twenty One Pilots. Many copies contained just a few songs from the album, and not the full track list. Due to both the obscure nature of the album and the limited availability of copies, some songs would not surface online for many years. The most recent track to be found is Going Down, which surfaced on July 2nd, 2018.

Track listing

The track listing is a subject of much debate, as misinformation is often spread about both the existence of songs and their placement on the album. The following is the currently accepted track listing.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. Blasphemy Joseph 3:38
2. Drown Joseph 3:37
3. Hole in the Ground Joseph 3:53
4. Save Joseph 4:02
5. Taken by Sleep Joseph 4:12
6. I Want to Know Joseph 3:18
7. Just Like Yesterday Joseph 3:29
8. Never Change Joseph 3:04
9. Prove Me Wrong Joseph 3:39
10. Realize That It's Gone Joseph 3:24
11. Tonight Joseph 3:57
12. Falling Too Joseph 3:17
13. Whisper Joseph 3:56
14. TB Saga Joseph 6:22
15. Where Did We Go Joseph 3:24
16. Hear Me Now Joseph 3:30
17. Going Down* Joseph 3:56

*This song is actually based off of the song Canon in D by Pachelbel. The melody of the song is heard at the beginning and end of Going Down.


Parts of songs from this album would later be reworked into Twenty One Pilots songs, such as Blasphemy, Drown, and Just Like Yesterday.

One of the songs from the release, Save, was rerecorded and released temporarily as a free download on Twenty One Pilots' official website before it was later pulled.


Much misinformation about the album is commonly spread around the internet. Notable examples include versions of Trees and Goner (supposedly titled I'm a Goner or The One Goner) being on the album, as well as the existence of a track called Words.

In regards to the supposed I'm a Goner, this song never existed as part of No Phun Intended. The origin of this song, an early version of Goner, was uploaded by Twenty One Pilots to YouTube in 2012 entitled ‘Goner’. It showed a sample of Goner that sounds exactly like the supposed I'm a Goner. The link is here.

In regards to Trees, the authenticity of this song being on No Phun Intended has not yet been confirmed. The song Trees that is said to be on this album sounds very similar to the version of Trees on Regional At Best, so it could be false, but this is not currently known.

And finally, there are two discrepancies surrounding a track called “Chords” or “Words”. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such song called “Chords” or “Words”. However, it is possible that “Chords” may have been another name for Hear Me Now. The other discrepancy of “Chords”/“Words” is the existence of a track known as Track 07. Once thought to be part of No Phun Intended and even thought to be the conformation of the existence of “Chords”/“Words”, this mysterious track is “... rather a 2010-2012 era demo with the likes of I Need Something, House of Gold (RAB-era Version), and the RAB Web Series demos.” (Reddit)