Spotify Sessions is a digital EP available exclusively on the music-streaming platform Spotify. It consists of six songs from the album Vessel recorded live at the Spotify House during SXSW 2013.

Track Listing

Track Title Writers Lengrh
1 Intro - Live From SXSW 0:29
2 Ode To Sleep - Live From SXSW Tyler Joseph 5:33
3 Migraine - Live From SXSW Joseph 5:22
4 Screen - Live From SXSW Joseph 4:05
5 Holding On To You - Live From SXSW Joseph 5:55
6 Car Radio- Live from SXSW Joseph 5:35
7 Guns For Hands - Live from SXSW Joseph 6:06

The seventh track of the album, a performance of Guns for Hands, also appears as the third track on the Australia-Exclusive EP Quiet Is Violent.

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