Welcome to our community! We are the admins here on the Twenty One Pilots wiki, dedicated to making this an informative, fun, safe and inviting community for anyone who wants to participate!

Current Admins

  1. Tearinmyheart - BUREAUCRAT, ADMIN
  2. MichelleZhang - ADMIN
  3. JohnJD1302 - ADMIN

How do I become an Admin?

This wiki has certain guidelines implemented to make sure that only dedicated, reliable and good contributors gain administrative rights on this wiki.

To become and admin you must:

  • Have made 50 or more good-faith edits and have not vandalised at any point.
  • Have been active on this wiki for over seven days without a long period of absence in between them (i.e. joining in August 2016 and then not returning until May 2017 and asking for admin rights)
  • Be willing to come on the wiki once every week or so to check things are in order and do any housekeeping necessary.

If there are already five admins, no more will be accepted unless someone leaves or is inactive for a long period of time (over one year).

If you are an active admin on more than four wikis you will also not be eligible for promotion. Spreading your dedication out so far may cause you to be neglectful of your duties.

Remember, you can do an awful lot without having admin rights. Ordinary users can:

  • Add and edit pages.
  • Customize the appearance and features of the community by setting their preferences.
  • Upload an image, video or other file.
  • Add pages to their watchlist, which can be used to track edits to a particular page.
  • Maintain a user profile.
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